Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Still Kicking

June 1, 2015

Dear Family,

  Well, I finally made it to June and I can honestly say that I've been on my mission for almost 8 months. Man, Grandpa was right when he told Dad before he left for his mission that, "Each day will go a little faster than the previous one." I'm not sure if I quoted him correctly but you get the message ;) Good thing because missions really do wear you out.

Let me start off by answering the weekly housekeeping questions:

1) I haven't gotten a copy of the May Ensign yet but the mission does give them to us during zone meetings.

2) I've been using the medication and it looks like the redness has gone down a bit. However, I'll keep the mission doctor in mind if something happens.

3) I haven't gotten any letters yet, but don't stress too much about it.

4) Yes, we received the news that Elder L. Tom Perry passed away. May he rest in peace and be blessed for his service as an apostle of the Lord.

I'm really glad that Preston Egan was ordained a deacon. I'm even more happy that Aubrey's dance event was awesome and that she and Mom had a great a Memorial Day. I'm glad you guys had a fun time. This week was, to be honest, not my favorite week. My companion has only ten weeks left in the mission and he's already slowing down. The question is: How am I going to deal with this situation without getting frustrated? Well, I'll just do what I can. In the meantime, just keep me in your prayers. Luckily for me, we are good friends with this family called the Gales and talking to the south elders has also been a blessing as they gave me some advice. Thank you Heavenly Father for giving me people who can help me.

Well, I think that's everything. Take care everyone. I love you all and miss you all.

Hurrah for Israel!


Elder Michael Alley

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