Wednesday, June 17, 2015

SD Card Pics (Part 2)

The "revelations" continue...

About that flood...
That "creek" behind their house came awful close to their trailer
They were trapped there for a bit because all the roads out looked like this!
Pic of him actually canoe sledding (the pics he sent previously of this were just of the canoe and the aftermath of it hitting the district leaders' car)
At some point a golfball attacked their mission car. (Again, zero mention of this incident in his emails. Wouldn't you think this email worthy?)
Update: Found out this was actually the result of Elder McMullin hitting a mailbox with the car. (The mailbox had a decorative golfball on it.) ;)
He's toured parts of the state capitol 
He's been hiking
He's visited Civil War Battlefields
He's been by...hanging things.
(Ok, I have no idea what this picture is of. That hanging thing must be significant somehow. Guesses on what it is, anyone?)

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