Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Best of the 468 Photos from His SD Card or The Mission We Didn't Know Elder Alley Was Having (Part 1)

From Elder Alley's Mom:  Elder Alley sent me a package last week. When I opened it up it had all the letters he's gotten since he's been out on his mission. He asked if I could put them in a notebook so he didn't have to keep lugging them around every transfer. He is pretty sentimental. It looks like he has kept every little thing anyone has sent him. I've sent him a bunch of goofy Dollar Store cards just so he'd have something in the mailbox and have a laugh. I figured he'd chuck them after he read them, but no, he kept every single one.

He also sent his camera's SD card home and it had over 400 pics!!! It was crazy looking at all these things he's done that he's never even hinted at in his emails. I'm not sure what the parameters are for him to deem something "email worthy", but I think I would've mentioned quite a few of these. haha So here's some pics of what he's been doing that I had no clue about. ;)

According to his pics, he's been on multiple fishing outings

Of course, looking at the size of the fish he's catching I can see why he didn't think it worth mentioning. lol
He's playing ping pong...
and going to bonfires...
Apparently, he's been clamming. (That's a HUGE clam.)
And having nerf gun wars
He's been riding a bike! (I thought he was strictly in cars, but apparently not.)
Looks like he got his hair cut by Sassy Jo herself. ;)

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