Monday, October 27, 2014

A Tender Mercy

Elder Alley's "Miracle Seat-mates" 

October 21, 2014

(This entry is from Michael's mom.) I wanted to share this experience because it shows what a great love our Heavenly Father and Savior have for us. It's proof that they are mindful of each of our situations and stand ready to help and bless us.

I really didn't think I'd get a call from Michael at the airport. We'd sent him a phone card, but he'd let us know that he might not use it. He's been pretty homesick and he thought talking to us on the phone might make it worse. He said he would only call if he thought he could get a handle on his emotions. I was really sad that Michael might not call, but I understood. (If he didn't call, that was going to make my record 1 for 3 with missionary airport calls. NOT the record I wanted. ...still too soon to talk about Max's missed call...)

So I was overjoyed when the phone rang around 5am and I could see on the caller ID that it was from the SLC airport. Michael had a hard time composing himself when I first answered, but after I started asking him questions and got him talking about the MTC he was good. Sounds like he had a great experience at the MTC. After a bit I heard an announcement in the background and Michael said they were getting ready to board for the flight to Atlanta, so he had to go. He started getting really choked up again and so did I. (I tried to be strong for his sake, but I'm afraid I didn't do a very good job.) As soon as we hung up, I got on my knees and said a prayer. I asked Heavenly Father to comfort him and to please seat him next to someone who was kind. 

Later that day I came home to find a message from Grandma Alley on our answering machine. As soon as I listened to it, I started crying. (Gosh, I'm doing A LOT of that these days.) ;) This was such a tender mercy on the Lord's part. There were too many things that had to come into place for this to just be a "coincidence" or a "what a small world" kind of deal. This was a direct answer to prayer and I am so grateful. Here's part of the email that Grandma Alley sent out later about this:

When I got home from my TOPS meeting and physical therapy appointment today I found a message on the phone from some old friends....... the Jensens.  The Jensens were our very close friends in Enid. The message from Bro. Jensen was telling me that he was on a flight to Atlanta and was sitting next to my grandson!!!  He saw about a dozen missionaries walking through the SLC airport and noticed the ALLEY name tag  and asked him where he was from.....then if he was related to Mike & Caryn Alley and of course Michael said he was Michael Lewis Alley, III -- so they visited a bit and then after boarding, it just happened that Bro. Jensen was sitting next to Michael so they got to visit more. Isn't it amazing what a SMALL WORLD it is.  I'm happy Michael got to meet a couple that was so special to us so many years ago.  

I know the Lord watches over His missionaries. I know he gives each one of them what they need for success in the mission field, if they do their part. As they struggle with homesickness or a new language or cancelled appointments or tracting, etc. I know that the Lord is right there with them every step of the way. I can feel Him watching over all of my missionaries and I see evidence of Him answering prayers. 
---Michael's Mom

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