Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Hey, Hey, Hey! It's Elder Alley! (a "Fat Albert" reference. Couldn't Resist ;)

September 6, 2016

Dear Alley Family & Friends,

How's it going y'all? Got a question for Mom and Aubrey: When do you sleep? Ha ha! Just kidding. Man, I can't believe that Aubrey is already a freshman and has a driver's permit. I also can't believe that Mom is already teaching seminary and that Max is already a freshman in college. Another question: Will you people stop moving on with your lives? You're making me feel old and really outdated. I'm already having a hard time just thinking about all things that's happened in the world that I'll have to catch up on. Ha ha! Just kidding again. You all just keep rocking on.

Well, this week was another awesome week in teaching the C family! Before I get into that, let me tell you a story of how we came in contact with this awesome family:

Once upon a time ;), there was a sister missionary named Sister K who was serving here in the West Virginia Charleston. While Sister K was honorably serving her mission, she received word from her cousin, Sister C, that she and her family were moving from Tennessee to Huntington, West Virginia so that her husband could receive training for air traffic control for an airport. Because of the mission rule that family members could not visit their missionaries while they are serving, Sister K contacted the mission president to tell him of the situation. Sister C is a less-active member and her three children are not baptized so President asked both Sister K and her cousin for permission to send missionaries to go and teach the C family the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. Sister K and Sister C accepted the offer! President then contacted the Huntington Zone Leaders to send missionaries who were in charge of the area that the C’s had moved into. The missionaries who were sent to them was a well-seasoned veteran named Elder Lane and his devilishly handsome companion named Elder Alley (This is my story so I'll write it the way I like it. Ha ha :p). Since then, missionaries and members of the ward have visited and taught the C family about God and His Son Jesus Christ and His love and plan of happiness for them. And they all lived eternally and happily ever after (well, still working on the "eternal" part, but we are getting there!) :) The end.

How's that for a story? ;) They are a great family and we just taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the Bishop and his wife this week. It was a great lesson, especially when S (their oldest son) made the comment of "A life with Christ is to have Eternal Life." It was awesome! I love teaching this family!

Before I let you go, there a couple of questions that were given to me:

1) From Mom: When people ask you why we are here on earth, what do you tell?

     From Me: I try to tell people that we are here on earth to be tested to see if we will follow God's commandments or not. I try to keep it to that simple statement so that my companion and I don't teach too many principles in one sitting and not have a follow-up appointment afterwards.

2) From Ashley: What is the hardest principle of the gospel for most people to follow and why?

    From Me: It's the principle of living Prophets of God and the need for the Book of Mormon. The reason for that is because for many people the concept of God calling a prophet in our day and giving us more scripture other than the bible is a foreign and unthinkable one. Many of the people that I try to talk to when finding people to teach usually say either "I already go to a church" or "I believe in the bible" and then they close the door on us. They may to go to church and read from the bible, but they don't understand how God works or that the bible is meant to point us to God and not to itself. They focus on a tool from God and not on the God who gave us the tool.

Now, this does not apply to everyone that I met on the mission, but that is the attitude that I've noticed from most people who turn us away. I hope that this makes sense.

Well, that ought to do it. I love you all and miss you all.

Hurrah for Israel!


Elder Michael Alley

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