Monday, September 26, 2016

Can't Wait for General Conference!

The Coleman Family

Masontown Ward Elders Quorum

My last P-day!

A fine day with some fine missionaries. 

Good luck, brethren. I'm outta here!

September 26, 2016

How's it going y'all? I am so excited for this weekend! Why? Because this weekend is General Conference! I can't wait to see and hear what the Lord's Prophet and Apostles have to say! As one of my former companions once said, "Missionaries watching General Conference is the equivalent of a sports fan watching the Super Bowl." I just can't wait for it!

Mom, sorry that you and Aubrey were not feeling good this week. I hope you both feel better.

Tell Brother and Sister O'Donnal not to worry about missing my airport homecoming. Tell them to enjoy their trip in Utah and not worry about it.

This week was a another good week for missionary work. I went on exchanges with our District Leader in Logan, WV, taught the C family about some of the commandments by reading 1 Nephi 2 with them, and contacted quite a few media referrals. So, not a bad week.

Before I go, I was wondering if you and the family would be willing to pray for me this week. Even though being a missionary is not easy and I'm definitely NOT extending my call, I do admit that I'm a little sad that my mission is coming to an end. I really did have a good mission experience and made a lot of friends out here. Most importantly, I've come to know Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ on a more personal level. I wouldn't trade these two years for anything in the world. It's just that there's something about things coming to an end that just gives me mixed emotions. So, if you and the family would be willing to pray that I stay focused on the work this week and not get down about it coming to an end, I would greatly appreciate it. Please and thank you.

Well, I'm going to make this e-mail short so that I can have plenty of mission stories to share with you all in person. Only one more e-mail session until I go home! 

Until then, I love you all and miss you all. Hurrah for Israel!


Elder Michael Alley 

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