Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I'm Still Here!

View from their trailer porch
Clearing Snow...again
Look who's in the driver's seat? Michael's excited he got approved
to drive now that his training period is over.
Oh, boy. Careful in that snow, Elder Alley!
Michael & his buddy, Gatlin
Elder Alley :)
Intense game of Uno...that's about to get even more intense...
He has no idea what's behind him...
Just smiling for the camera...
Still no clue...
Like, seriously, none at all. Lol
Gotcha! (Hahahaha. The look on his face is priceless.)
A cutthroat game of Uno
Elder Cluff. (Are those special Uno glasses?)  :)
Elder Barney
Canoe Sled Run 
Canoe Sled (Looks like a "boat load" of fun!) :D 
Ouch. Yeah, that's gonna leave a mark.

February 25, 2015

Dear Family,

How's it going everyone! Man, I can't believe how much older Aubrey looks in her pictures. When I saw the pictures of her posing, I just thought to myself, "It's official, my little sister is a teenager." Lol. Still, I'm really grateful that things are okay over there. Mom, thank you so much for keeping me updated. I really appreciate this.

As for my report her in Martin, Kentucky: this past week was a very unusual week. As I mentioned in my last letter and from what you already heard, Martin got hit by by a huge snow storm. Don't worry about Elder Barney and I though. We were and still are safe and warm. Plus, our water is still working. Thank goodness. It's just that, with many of the roads being very risky to drive on, the local authorities encouraged everyone to stay inside for a while. As a result, Elder Barney and I weren't able to see many of our friends and investigators. You would think that taking some time off from missionary work would be fun and relaxing. Well, it was on the first day, but it quickly got boring and cabin fever was not kind to Elder Barney or I. If I wasn't a missionary right now, I probably wouldn't have minded being inside. However, I came out here to do some work and if I'm not doing it then I find myself getting anxious.

Luckily, we were able to get out outside and shovel snow for our neighbors and visit the Bentley family, and a few of our other friends once the roads and weather became more favorable. So as bad as the weather was, we were still able to have some fun during this winter week.

Which reminds me of the story that I promised to tell you. One day, the Prestonsburg Elders (Elder Cluff and Elder Brough), Elder Barney and I were at the Bentleys' house because they invited us to go sledding on their driveway...ON A CANOE! I am not joking. The Elders and I parked our cars on this other driveway to get out of the main road. We thought we would be able to steer the canoe safely away from the cars while were sledding. But what happened was that the P-burg elders and few other people (I wasn't on that ride) road that canoe so fast that it went straight into the P-burg Elders' car. The good news was that nobody got hurt. The bad news was that there was a big dent on the car door and it was going to be inspected the next day during Zone Conference. Uh oh! At first, we were all in terror about the damage. But then a few minutes later, we just about died laughing from just thinking about how the P-burg Elders were going to explain the situation to the mission office over the phone. Huge lol! So that's the story.

Here's the news for transfers this week: Elder Barney and I are staying in Martin, Kentucky for another six weeks. However, because we have many missionaries returning home this year and few coming in, there are many areas that are getting shut down, including Prestonsburg. Which means that once Elder Cluff and Elder Brough leave on Thursday, we will be in charge of both Martin and Prestonsburg. Yikes! Wish us luck because we are going to need it. Luckily, the Winns will still be around and they told us they can help us get around if they need to.

Well, I think that's everything. Just keep me and Elder Barney in your prayers because we are already getting tired of winter. Come on spring! Anyway, I love you all and miss you all. Take care everyone.

Elder Michael Alley

P.S. Yes, I did get the suit that Max sent. The pants are little tight around the waist but I think it should be fine for now. Take care.

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