Thursday, February 19, 2015

I'm Doing Ok

We didn't hear from Elder Alley until Wednesday this week due to President's Day and then a snow storm that pummeled his area (and sent temps plunging to minus 15 degrees. BRRRR!) We knew he and his companion were safe and sound, though, thanks to Trish Bentley (mom to all the missionaries in her area) who sent us pics and updates. What would the mothers of missionaries in Martin, KY do without her? (Probably worry a lot. haha)
Michael's District
Michael and his companion, Elder Barney
With Elder Cluff, Elder Brough, Elder Barney
and Gatlin

This face is soooo "Michael". LOL
Trish Bentley aka Michael's (and all the missionaries') Kentucky Mom :)
Trish and Elizabeth
Trish & David
Enjoying the Ward Valentine's Party
Shoveling snow after the big snow storm
Work first...
Play later. :)

February 17, 2015

Dear Family,

Hey everyone! How's it going? I'm sorry that this letter came in so late. As you have probably already heard, Martin, Kentucky got hit by a huge snow storm. However, you don't need to worry about Elder Barney and I. We are safe and sound. The only problem we have now is that because many of the roads that our investigators live on are now too risky to drive on, the missionary work here in Martin is coming to a stand still. Luckily, the ward allowed us to borrow their church building's snow shovels so that we can help ourselves and others. We've already had a couple of unplanned service opportunities arise for us. It was awesome.

I do have to admit, seeing all this snow made me homesick. It just brought back a lot of good memories for me. I know that I'm supposed to focus on missionary work, but seeing all this snow made me think back on all the good times we had playing in the snow. From sledding to snowball fights, I just miss all of that. Which is why, in a way, the unplanned service opportunities to shovel snow for people is a blessing because it helped me to keep that homesickness at bay. I don't mean to sound like a downer. I promise that I'm doing okay. This is just one of those few times where thoughts of home just come back to me. Nevertheless, I believe that this mission will help me to become stronger in my faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I'm going to make this e-mail short. I need to drive Elder Cluff and Elder Brough back to their apartment. Just wanted to let you know that I'm okay. Take care everyone. I love you all and miss you all.


Elder Michael Alley

Note from Elder Alley's mom: I found it kind of funny that massive snow storms and below zero temperatures make him homesick for Spokane. I find that tons of snow and super cold temps make me homesick for Florida. ;)

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