Monday, November 17, 2014

Hey Ya'll!

North Half of the West Virginia Charleston Mission
(Elder Alley is just below the tree on the right hand side. Click on the pic to see it larger.)

November 17, 2014

Dear Family,

How's it going everyone? I got Mom's email and I agree that I'm really grateful for that old house of ours as well. It may not be the fanciest, but it has way too many good memories for me to complain about it. It really is true, there's no place like home. 

To start off this letter, I'll answer the weekly housekeeping questions:

1) Grandpa's suit fit me well when I wore it at the MTC. I haven't gained weight (as promised, I've kept up with my morning exercises) so it should still fit. I'm planning on wearing it during December so as to channel Grandpa's Christmas Spirit for this year. However, I might send it back home after that because I'm worried that it might get damaged out here in the field. Like I said, I might or might not do it, I'll think about it. My other suit fits very well. If I do send back Grandpa's suit back, then send me the other suit.

2) Yes, I did get to read all of my e-mails last week. Thank you so much.

3) I don't know where the printer is. It's not in the computer room that I'm in. But don't worry about it.

4) We'll be having Thanksgiving with a member family called the Bentleys. They are just an awesome family and so supportive to missionaries. I'm guessing that it might be a regular proselyting day but I'm not entirely sure. What I do know is that I'll be joining the Missionaries vs. McKinneys (member family) Turkey Bowl tradition. It'll be fun!

Now for my report this week. Don't worry about the trailer. The trailer has been very warm so we're okay. The only other missionaries that I see every so often are Elder Cluff (District Leader), his companion Elder Wheeler, and the Winns (Senior Missionary Couple). 

I've got to tell you, I just love the Winns. They are just so kind and hard-working. Elder Winn's willingness to help others, kindness, and humor remind me so much of Grandpa. In a way, it's like Grandpa is serving a mission with me. 

Well, I think that's everything. The work here in Martin, Kentucky is moving a little slow but we are doing alright. I love you all and I can't wait for Christmas 2016. Take care everyone. Please keep me in your prayers. Have a great Thanksgiving.

Elder Michael Alley

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