Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving Ya'll

With Elder Cluff, Elder Wheeler, their investigator (who was recently baptized)
and Elder Buttars
With Elder and Sister Winn

November 24, 2014

Dear Family,

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I know it's not until Thursday, but this is the last chance I get to say it before it happens. Anyway, I'm always so grateful for the letters and e-mails that I get from everyone. Thank you all so much for keeping me updated and for your words of advice. 

*For the Weekly Housekeeping:

1) Thank you so much for the Thanksgiving package! I know you won't be happy to hear this but the package was delivered to the front porch of the trailer. Don't worry, the package was in great condition when I found it. 

2) No slippers please. They’ll just be one more thing to carry around.

3) No thermals either. The weather is weird here in Kentucky. One day it's cold then a few days later it's warm. Anyway, the missionary jacket has done a good job of keeping me warm so don't worry about sending thermals.

4) Yes, we have about four packs of Uno cards that were left behind by other missionaries. I'm sure that there are some games lying around somewhere. 

5) The next transfer will be December 4, 2014.

I'm really glad that things are going well at home. I think the kittens were right about removing the green lamp off the piano (ha ha). I was wondering when those trees will be removed. Now I know. I also can't believe how much older Aubrey looks without braces! She looks awesome!

As for my adventures here in Martin, Kentucky. This week has been both a slow and miraculous week. I got to witness a baptism of an investigator. He may not have been our investigator but it was still cool to see a baptism anyway. I pray that our investigators will progress. Hopefully, we'll have better luck either during the Christmas season or after New Years Day. 

The last thing that I want to request is that everyone would keep me and my fellow missionaries (Elder Max Alley, Sister Ashley Alley, & Elder Jacob Sok) in their prayers since this will be our first Christmas away from home. I admit that the homesickness has started to kick in a little bit. I don't mean to worry anyone, just please keep us in your prayers. Thank you so much. I love you all and miss you all.

Elder Michael Alley 

* Note from Elder Alley’s mom: The Weekly Housekeeping items are answers to questions we asked him in our weekly email to him.

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