Thursday, October 6, 2016

Meanwhile, Back in Spokane...Prepping for Elder Alley to Come Home :)

This was the last missionary care package we sent to Elder Michael Alley.
The end of an Alley era...until Aubrey goes. ;)
The goods  
(I had a lot of fun with that hand clapper thing.
I may need to get one of my own.) 
(Maybe should saved some of that 6 pack of kleenex for me!) 
Filled and ready for the journey to West Virginia
Two years is almost done. So thankful for the many ways our family has been
blessed through the missionary service of our children.
The Welcome Home board in Elder Alley's room. When I posted this pic on
Facebook the countdown to Elder Alley coming home was:
19 hours 40 minutes...
The banners are ready. Let's get him home!!

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